Platinum Naturals

Platinum Naturals prides themselves as an all natural oil absorption supplement vitamin company, with a tagline as "powered by Healthy Fats".Working remotely with the Marketing team to produce print and web elements in various sizes for Shopify platform, in store retail, online advertising and Social Media. Duties also included maintaining the shopify site, creating animated gifs, banners, icons, photography visuals, and various UI/UX elements. Creating monthly promo print and web materials for instore retailers while offering new ideas to approach clients.



Rebranding Material

New rebranding launch includes various print and web promo assets, photography with a whole new fresh vibe. Previous products will require label changes, ingredient panel text changes while each having their own category colour, layout changes and promotional material up to QC standards.

Rebrand Label 2018

Rebrand Label 2022

Rebrand photography done in house showcasing new labels. Shot with a Canon Rebel DSLR within a high exposure lightbox in house. Labels printed transparent with multiple plates for each Pantone colour.  Ensuring colour, photoshopping light, reflection and contrast are appropriate for each bottle image. Exported in high quality JPG, PNG, PSD to keep for editing purposes on FTP file server. 

Complete rebrand of product from start to finish. 3 day takdown to replace 70+ products, website shopify retheme, reupload of all products images, updating sku#'s, product highlights, descriptions, photography bottle images, image banners and thumbnail replacements, finalize translations and setting up ecommerce design for cart options within langify app.

Introducing Omega AbsorbTM

Creating the webpage for new suspension release technology, Omega Absorb by Platinum Naturals via HTML/CSS through a shopify web builder theme.
As brief introduction to the logo meaning; Nutrients, whether from food or supplements, requires the body to absorb them effectively to truly get the health benefits.
Our award-winning Omega AbsorbTM delivery system allows our bodies to absorb the nutrients we need to improve our health and achieve our wellness goals.

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