Rebrand Material

New rebranding launch includes various print and web promo assets, photography. Label changes, ingredient panels, material up to QC standards. Working remotely with the Marketing team to produce print and web elements in various sizes for Ecomm Shopify platform, in store POP retail, online advertising and Social Media. Creating animated gifs, banners, icons, photography composites, UI/UX elements, web banners and powerpoint presentations.


Rebrand Label 2018

Rebrand Label 2023

Animations through Omega Absorb

Omega Absorb: Nutrients, whether from food or supplements, requires the body to absorb them effectively to truly get the health benefits. Without effective absorption you may be left feeling tired, sluggish but overall, just not yourself.

Creating animated gifs through After Effects, exporting in Medida Encoder for Videos, POP, Webinar presentations and marketing support.


Ebook PDF Examples:

EasyIron Ebook 2023: click to view PDF
Platinum Naturals Product Catalogue: click to view PDF
activ-X resistance Band Ebook: click to view PDF
Powered by Healthy Fats Ebook: click to view PDF

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